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    The Umbrella Corporation Rules.

    Derek Steel

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    The Umbrella Corporation Rules.

    Post  Derek Steel on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:42 pm

    These Rules apply to ALL Umbrella Corporation Members, and ALL other People that want to become an Umbrella Corporation Member.

    1.) When being a Member of the Umbrella Corp. ALWAYS keep in mind to be serious and take the Role of being a Member is no joke.

    2.) Never Flame others Out of Character to others, this includes when being In Game and in the Forums.

    3.) Never hand out Weapons, Supplies, or Vehicles out to strangers or Survivors. Our equipment of the Corporation is to be ONLY used by our Members. The only time you can avoid this rule is when you are ordered by a Higher Ranking Member/Leader.

    4.) ALWAYS follow orders as told by a Higher Rank Member than you, and respect them, do not question their orders, unless you know that the orders that are given to you are abuse of power or similar things, from there you can advice another Higher Member or Leader.

    5.) The Umbrella Corporation is a united Force, this mean you MUST show your cooperating skill, in other words, work with the Team, do not go off without notifying others, and work as a Team with ALL the Members.

    6.) As a Umbrella Member you are to be in proper Uniform at ALL times, you will not show disrespect to the Corporation.

    7.) As becoming an Umbrella Member you are not to be abusing your power that is given to you, when we say this, we mean DO NOT abuse your /commands that you have. Do not use the Lift as a "Death Match" thing, so do not be Lifting it up and then down and over and over. Use the /commands when needed and don't use them when there is no reason for why to use them.

    8.) You are to NEVER let the Survivors or anyone else out there into our Base, not if they are being attacked or anything else, this is simple so NEVER let others in, unless you have Classified Permition, from any Leader/ Co-Leader or have a reasonable reason that is to be SENT and NOTIFIED to the Leader of your reason.

    9.) Never HACK on the server. We do not enjoy have HACKERS of any type in our Faction. If you are cought doing this you will be AUTOMATICALLY FIRED.

    10.) All the Rules from the server apply too, so just if a server Rule is not listed here, does NOT mean you are allowed to do them. You are to follow ALL Rules, Server Rules, Forums Rules, and Umbrella Rules.

    11.) Do not go along with any S.T.A.R.S. members, by this I mean do not follow orders from ANY other people. You are to not give out Classified Information from Umbrella to NO one, or help others out in their personel needs.

    12.) Do not go fucking around being an idiot, you should always Role Play when being an Umbrella Member, so do all your best to Role Play while being active in the server.

    These are our Rules, if you are caught breaking any of these Rules, a punishment will be applied. For everyone out there, you are all free to Report any Umbrella Member of them Breaking any of these Rules but be Sure to include a Screen Shot of the Rule Breaking they have committed and PM it to our Umbrella Leader or Co-Leader.

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