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    Put your History Here

    Post  Vitor_Matheus on Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:03 pm

    Hello guys, i am making this topic to all here know better one and other in-game.
    putting your history here.

    My History: Vitor_Matheus was a former member of NASA, lived with his parents in El Quebrados, One day he learned that his father was a disease that in some years would spread throughout the body and so his father would die, so he decides to quit NASA and go to Raccoon City to study medicine, but in the midst of their studies was a disaster, Raccoon City has been infested by a virus that made the walking dead, but he survived, he escaped from raccon city but He was exposed to radiation from nuclear bomb dropped by U.S. government of America, However, he had some changes in your body, gained much reflection and accuracy in addition to a tremendous force,After that he go to Fort Carson and Find a Group of Humans but When the Zombie gonna kill one Human Vitor_Matheus put her Body in front. after that he wake up at an Bobcat in a Fired Forest called Back o' Beyond with her Injury by Zombie and one Anti-Virus injection on her Arm. After that he Leave it and go to Her hometown. Hoping to find his parents in his hometown nightmare thus escaping the zombie goes to his hometown, but faces all dead, and a couple fleeing the zombies were his parents, when UC comes and kills the zombies around, they give the offer to parents vitor to be guinea pigs for experiments, the parents deny UC and kill them in front of Vitor .
    Vitor very angry UC takes a crowbar and party up the murderers,
    When the UC pulls out a gun and shoots him in the belly, vitor think I would die there, a member of the UC walks toward him with the gun not the hand, but when it will shoot vitor, STARS come and save vitor , Victor begins to want to participate in the STARS getting strong enough to do the other STARS what did with him a while ago. After a Long time Training for be STARS he become one and Begins Analysing T-Virus and trying to revolutionize him, After that Vitor_Matheus discover that he have an Slowly T-Virus on her body that work in her favour, so he Begins putting on Serynges her DNA with Slowly T-Virus for help humans to Survive the apocalypse and Make the Human Race better than Never.

    this is my History, Post your! Very Happy

    Cool Vitor_Matheus Cool

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    Lone Survivor
    Lone Survivor

    Posts : 108
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    Age : 19
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    Put your History Here Part 2: The RT-Virus.

    Post  Vitor_Matheus on Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:44 am

    After Study her Slowly T-Virus he Call it as RT-Virus (Revolutionized T-Virus) and he Make the Exams:

    Now he Begins an Study for Change the Cells from her Blood: AB+
    to all types of blood and Revolutionize Human Race.


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