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    Faction Suggestions.

    Derek Steel

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    Faction Suggestions.

    Post  Derek Steel on Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:05 pm

    B_Jaxx wrote:The forums aren't really organized, everything is sorta thrown all over
    the place. ^^ Here's my suggestion:

    Make there be 4 main threads

    General Server News (Server news, duh.)
    General Server Updates (Tell us whats in the current updates, as you update them.)

    S.T.A.R.S Board (anything S.T.A.R.S related)
    U.C Board (Anything U.C related)

    Player Report (For players to report other players)
    Unban Appeals (For players to appeal for an unban)
    Server Bugs/Glitches (For players to report bugs/glitches in game.)

    Off Topic (Any Off-Topic posts)

    As for more organization, for threads like S.T.A.R.S and U.C and Player reports etc, have formats for players to follow for, reports/applications.

    Player Reports:
    Your IG name:
    Their IG name:
    Reason you're reporting them:
    Extra Information?

    Very Happy Organization is a GOOD thing. ;D

    Also, this forum service thing, is kinda shitty for the most part. xD
    I'm not sure if its because i'm used to smfforfree servers? But if you want
    a slicker, more modern design/easier to use interface, go to and make yourself a free board.

    \That's all, thank you.

    Alright, well here are some suggestions of mine that can be related to this, and can be helpful in the organization for all the factions.

    1.) A Moderator/Admin should start by moving all the Faction applications from both S.T.A.R.S. and UC's Board into the Application Sticky, this should make more room for the Actual UC and S.T.A.R.S. topics for the boards.

    2.) A Members topic, should be added to each Faction Board, this will help the "Leaders" of the Faction be more organized in tracking down which People are in the faction, so we wont be wondering if someone is in it or not.

    3.) Since more people are registering each day, and lots of them are or might be new to the server, people might not know all the rules for the server. So I'm considering that Each Faction should have its own rules, for the Members or people that might want to be in the Faction can follow.

    4.) Maybe a Story/History topic for Each Faction, so that everyone knows and can have a better knowledge in what kind of Faction they are interested in and are thinking of getting in to.

    I hope these are some useful things that might help our Factions in the Forums.

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