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    Umbrella Corporation Leader Needed!


    Still Alive
    Still Alive

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    Umbrella Corporation Leader Needed!

    Post  Oliver on Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:35 pm

    The server needs a leader for Umbrella Corporation, if you are intrested, fill the next application form.

    In Character:

    Full Name:



    History (Before the Apocalypse):


    Out of Character (Real Information):





    Why do you want to be U.C Leader?

    What would you do, as the U.C Leader?

    Applications must be posted in this thread.

    Well Known Survivor
    Well Known Survivor

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    Re: Umbrella Corporation Leader Needed!

    Post  snake on Sat Dec 04, 2010 4:30 pm

    In Character:

    Full Name: Snake_Zimo

    Age: 28

    Birthplace: Las Venturas

    History (Before the Apocalypse): I was only about 14 When i was hanging out with friends and we all were joking around and then suddenly we heard a new's broad cast that was panicing and talking about a zombie apcolypse. Me and my friends tryed to act like tough guys and play it off and not believe anything. Suddenly a dark figured human shaped thing came behind my friend Josh and just ate him in front off us. So we paniced and ran away, Then i became a survivor while every one else was dieing, my mom, my dad, my sisters, my cousins, and my uncles everyone. So now im on my own and im driving and i see area 69 and sent a application through the gate The commander read it and accepted me and let me become a U.C. opperative.


    Out of Character (Real Information):

    Name: Haris_Zimonjic

    Age: 15

    Country: United states

    Timezone: UTC/GMT -5 hours

    Why do you want to be U.C Leader? I want to be a U.C. leader becuase i want to be the one in control of sending U.C. soldiers out into battle, or if im sending soldier out in a rescue misson. I also have been playing as a U.C. soldier for quite a while so i know where the safe zones are, bayside, David's map place ( I call it the survivor base )

    What would you do, as the U.C Leader? If i was the U.C. leader I would most likely go out there with my fellow U.C. soldier and help them out and not just sit and be safe while they are going out there dieing and becoming infected. I would give survivors stragetic postions as well as my own soldiers im also not a mean person im not the type to fight with players or argue but if i need to take action i wont be afraid to give consequences.

    Derek Steel

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    Re: Umbrella Corporation Leader Needed!

    Post  Derek Steel on Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:19 pm

    In Character:

    Full Name: Derek_Steel

    Age: 25

    Birthplace: San Fierro

    History (Before the Apocalypse):

    Derek was a regular guy at age 18 dealing with the usual things that most Young adults would do. Dealing with school from the day, and having fun during the night. From his high performance at his old job as a cashier, he advanced.

    From age 19 to his early 20's he started working as a Banker, at the San Fierro's Bank Industries. But from there he knew that this was all just a silly job. So after some time passed, he went to what he truly was meant for. He became a researcher scientist at the Zombie Tech company in central San Fierro.

    As more time passed by, he no longer was the same guy. With new discoveries and new technology in this wold, he was a new man. From that point he was now cought in this whole situation when the outbreak happened.


    Out of Character (Real Information):

    Name: Derek Sean

    Age: 15 years old.

    Country: The United States.

    Timezone: GMT -5:00

    Why do you want to be U.C Leader? I believe that my character is ready for the position, he is a trustworthy man, and loyal to what he believes in. I want to be a Leader because, I wan to manage the Faction, improve in what it need to be improved in, and try to make the Umbrella Corporation the best that it can be. I want to be there to support the Corporation in its dark times, and make it superior and strong. Making squads, missions, and such related stuff that I can do is my desire.

    What would you do, as the U.C Leader? If I become a Umbrella Corporation Leader, I would do all that I can, not only in game but also in the Forums. I will organize squads, and special forces that will be our special force. Making multiple missions for our Employs and having them satisfied with what happens in the future. I will truly show the Corporation's name. Making everyone know of us, and making them understand what we represent. I now know that the Umbrella will finish of what it started, so in that case I will be developing Rescue missions for our U.B.C.S. squad to accomplish. In other words putting our great supplies to use in trying to help out those in need for our help. But at the same time showing our true face, as for how Evil we can be. By dealing with these "Rebels" that go against us, I will most likely make of use to those of whom attack us, by that I mean that our Scientists will have new humans to test their experiments on. But I mean, really, if the criminal actions of them weren't as bad as a "Terrorism attack" or something, I would still be glad to show them that the Umbrella Corporation is not a group to be messed with. As a Umbrella Corp. Leader I would also be making sure and spectating over our members in assuring that they are doing their jobs and orders as they should, and not be slacking off doing "Idiot Related" things. Firing any of whom is not worthy for the Umbrella Corp. or simply suspending them for a matter of time, till they learn better on how to be when taking the membership in the Umbrella Corporation.

    Still Alive
    Still Alive

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    Re: Umbrella Corporation Leader Needed!

    Post  Westorz on Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:07 pm

    In Character:

    Full Name: Steve Burnside

    Age: 35

    Birthplace: Las Venturas

    History (Before the Apocalypse): I was born in Las Venturas in the 70's,my childhood was pretty boring, tough as an kid
    I was diffrent then the others, i was one of those kids who'd you won't meet in daylight but scares the hell out of you in the dark. I joined the army when i was 18 , reached Lieutenant on the age of 29, that's when most of my life changed, i was serving in the army base of Las Venturas where i spotted each day weird tests of dead cells reviving , Well when i turned 34 the tests succeeded , the outbreak came and i as soldier had the choice to stay in the army or join Umbrella Corporation for an
    anti virus,i choose the Umbrella side....


    Out of Character (Real Information):

    Name: Wesley Horemans

    Age: 14

    Country: Belgium

    Timezone: GMT +01:00

    Why do you want to be U.C Leader?
    Well i just want to make UC look more prof. putting much effort in it

    What would you do, as the U.C Leader?
    I would make all kinds of projects,an Employee's board and would do daily RP tests

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    Re: Umbrella Corporation Leader Needed!

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